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Case Studies

YRC Worldwide and the YRCW Government Solutions Team have a long history of helping departments and agencies within the U.S. government successfully complete their missions.  The following case studies recap a few examples.

Customized solution ensures timely arrival of gear and equipment for National Guard pre-mobilization training

Challenge:  Before shipping to Iraq, 3,000 soldiers with the Louisiana National Guard would spend six weeks in pre-mobilization training.  In addition to getting the soldiers to training camp, the Guard needed to ensure the soldiers’ personal gear from armories across the state, as well as the Humvees, wreckers and special vehicles they would train on, also arrived at camp on time.

Solution: A YRCW Government Solutions Team account executive assembled a team of transportation and logistics engineers and operations professionals to plan and coordinate a customized solution.  Continuous follow up allowed us to fine-tune our solution as details emerged and plans evolved.

Result: Exclusive-use equipment was dedicated to the mission, including 123 20-foot trailers and 183 flatbeds with step decks and removable goosenecks.  The move, which took seven days, went as planned. Without the distractions of missing shipments, soldiers could prepare physically and mentally for their upcoming tour of duty.

Comprehensive network simplifies fulfillment of VA commitment

Challenge: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs furnishes headstones and markers for the gravesites of the deceased, regardless of the final resting place.  The VA needed a transportation provider who could deliver to a destination anywhere around the world.

Solution: The YRCW Government Solutions Team leverages the assets of our comprehensive network to fulfill the VA’s commitment.  Dedicated personnel at our Des Moines call center work closely with the VA to ensure delivery requirements are met.  Track and trace services monitor the status along the way.

Result: YRC Freight has successfully delivered headstones as far away as Alaska and as deep into the country’s interior as a Nevada Indian Reservation. We’re proud to help the VA in its mission to ensure our country’s service men and women are remembered.

Single point of contact facilitates coordination of nationwide fulfillment effort for Census Bureau

Challenge: The U.S. Constitution requires that every 10 years our country conduct a count of every resident.  While the U.S. Census Bureau may use electronic forms in the future, for 2010, residents still completed a paper form.  For residents who didn’t complete the form, the Census Bureau hired and equipped census takers to collect information.  The Census Bureau needed a transportation provider which could deliver the census takers’ kits, including forms and writing materials, to its small offices across the country.

Solution: The YRCW Government Solutions Team developed the solution which enabled the Census Bureau to move census takers’ kits from its distribution center in Jeffersonville, Ind., to cities across the country. In addition to providing access to the most comprehensive network in North America, the YRCW Government Solutions Team coordinated the assets of YRC Freight and Holland for successful deliveries to office buildings without docks, a common location for Census Bureau offices.

Result: Census takers received the materials necessary for them to begin their work in April 2010. YRC Freight and Holland successfully moved over 900 shipments of census takers’ kits in 2009, the equivalent of four-million pounds.  The project continued into 2010 with replenishment shipments.