YRC Worldwide is committed to environmental sustainability - driving to be green.

Fuel-Saving Practices: YRC Worldwide fuel-saving practices include speed governors, engine-idling restrictions and on-site fueling locations.

Speed governors

Speed-limit governors reduce fuel consumption.

  • YRC Worldwide caps speed at 62/63 mph.
  • This is a long-term strategy that has significant emissions-reduction benefits.
  • All linehaul and city pickup and delivery units use speed-limit governors.

Engine-idling restrictions

We have self-imposed restrictions on power-unit idling to reduce emissions and save fuel. Many states and localities are seeing the benefit of this practice and are beginning to issue idling restrictions. Power units burn one gallon of fuel an hour when idling.

  • We limit on-duty idling to 5–15 minutes.
  • YRC Worldwide companies have eliminated overnight idling by using more than 450,000 hotel room stays annually for drivers.
  • On-duty idling restrictions and use of hotel rooms for driver stays are long-term strategies yielding significant environmental benefits.

On-site fueling stations

By operating our own fueling stations, we eliminate miles and idling.

  • We have about 160 fuel centers in the network.
  • We use biodiesel at some centrally fueled locations.
  • To eliminate miles associated with delivering fuel to service stations, where possible, the company directly ties into fuel-provider’s pipelines. To continue direct pipeline supply while using biodiesel, we have deployed an on-site biodiesel blending system.

Tire pressure program

We have a systemwide tire-pressure program that yields significant fuel-efficiency benefits.

  • Our tire-pressure program, which we use systemwide, shows real fuel efficiencies and related emissions reductions.
  • An outside party audits the program to ensure effectivess.
  • We are introducing new, fuel-saving tires into the fleet to further increase efficiencies.

SmartWay Participation

Long-term participation in the SmartWay voluntary emissions program.

  • We are a charter partner of SmartWay.
  • YRC Worldwide and its subsidiaries have received the SmartWay Excellence award.
  • We continue to work with EPA officials to build the SmartWay program through industry promotional opportunities.