YRC Worldwide is committed to environmental sustainability - driving to be green.

YRCW companies operate the most efficient freight networks powered by our people and technology.

YRCW companies utilize their supply chain network to gain efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Pack’em high and tight.  Our combined companies have nearly 390 terminals in North America. 
  • We essentially “car pool” for shipments at these 390 terminal locations located coast-to-coast in North America.
  • Shipments from small and large businesses take up only the trailer space they need with our service.
  • Our terminal network optimizes each load, so we reduce empty mileage.
  • We have invested in leading route optimization technology platforms to ensure our city pickup and delivery vehicles run the most efficient routes.

Intermodal use

Intermodal use is a valuable emissions reduction strategy. We use this strategy when rail movement can meet required service delivery schedules. Trailers move by truck at the beginning and end of their journey and by rail for the long distance in between.

  • We partner with rail lines that serve the central and western United States to move our trailers over long distances.
  • Intermodal use is a long-term strategy that has included relocation of one of our key service centers to maximize efficiencies and reduce emissions in a heavily congested California corridor.

Triples operation

  • Triples are up to 25 % more fuel efficient than doubles.
  • The federal government limits triples to specific lanes in designated states under a currently existing freeze on these efficient vehicles.

On-site fueling stations

By operating our own fueling stations, we eliminate miles and idling.

  • We have about 160 fuel centers in the network.
  • We use biodiesel at some centrally fueled locations.