YRC Worldwide is committed to environmental sustainability - driving to be green.

Operations Strategy: Operations strategy creates environmental benefits through service center networks, intermodal use and triples operation.

Service center networks are optimized for efficiency

Shipments flow through our service centers that effectively allow us to "car pool" for shipments. Our service centers act as freight staging areas which leads to the highest use of trailer space possible. Our large-scale service center network drastically reduces the percentage of empty miles.

  • Our new network optimization strategy continually reduces empty miles to industry-leading levels.
  • Network optimization increases lane density and enables further gains in equipment optimization.
  • Reducing empty miles and optimizing equipment use yields tremendous efficiencies for the company and benefits the environment by resulting in significant reductions in fuel-related emissions.

Intermodal use

Intermodal use is a valuable emissions reduction strategy. We use this strategy when rail movement can meet required service delivery schedules. At the beginning and end of the intermodal movement, trailers move by truck with the long distance in between transported by rail.

  • We move more than 100,000  units over 100 million miles by rail annually.
  • Increased trailer density leads to optimization of intermodal movements.
  • Intermodal use is a long-term strategy that has included relocation of one of our key service centers to maximize efficiencies and reduce emissions in a heavily congested California corridor.

Triples operation

The federal government limits triples to specific lanes. Expansion of triples lanes would provide opportunities to reduce fuel.

  • Triples are up to 25 percent more fuel-efficient than doubles.
  • The federal government limits triples to specific lanes in designated states under a currently existing freeze on these efficient vehicles. Expansion of triples lanes would provide opportunities to reduce emissions.