YRC Worldwide is committed to environmental sustainability - driving to be green.

Waste Reduction/Recycling Practices: Waste reduction and recycling practices center on chemicals management, tires management and day-to-day operations.

Chemical recovery/salvage program

YRC Worldwide manages a program for chemical shipments deemed unacceptable by shipper or consignee. The chemicals are recovered, repackaged and offered for sale to the public through a physical location and on the Internet. We also have comprehensive emergency-response capabilities, accessed through a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Tires management

Tires are recycled for future energy sources, playground mats and chips, landscaping mulch, and road construction materials. All used tires are given to EPA-registered recycling companies.

Day-to-day operations

  • We are using long-life antifreeze, oils and lubricants. Long-life fluids and lubricants extend service levels and reduce waste products.
  • We drain and crush oil filters, and the service centers properly dispose of the canisters.
  • We buy batteries through national distributors, and old batteries are disposed of properly.
  • Reusable chemical-shipment totes eliminate the need to manufacture and dispose of steel drums.
  • E-commerce tools for managing shipping reduce paper consumption, save energy and improve efficiencies for all supply-chain partners.

Recycling in day-to-day operations

Recycling is a daily part of our operations. We recycle

  • parts-washer fluid for continuous use.
  • scrap metal after separating it from other waste.
  • and reuse antifreeze.
  • more than 50 percent of office copy paper.
  • aluminum, steel and unusable cardboard.
  • fluorescent lamps and replace them with low-wattage lamps.